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  • Website Privilege

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  • No Hyping Up Stocks

    I agree not to hype up any of my positions, escpecially those with no trading volume.

  • No Chat Room Trades

    I agree not to trade any stock mentioned on this website. I understand that doing so can and will cause financial loss.

  • No Cussing/Bad Behavior

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  • No Fake Persona/Impersonations

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  • Protect Personal Information

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  • No Personal Meetings

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  • No Repetitive Messages

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  • Limit Smiley Faces

    I agree not to post repetitive smiley faces or distract others with unnecessary icon posts.

  • Illegal Activities

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  • Release of Reliability

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  • Content Protection

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  • Arbitration Clause

    By using this website I agree that in the event a dispute arises between myself and the website owner that the case will be settled by third party arbitration or mediation.

You must agree to everything listed above to use this website. By breaking any of the rules listed on this page you will be muted or banned indefinitely from participating in chat. No financial advice is provided here. This website is for entertainment purposes only. Assume that all trades are not real but simulated. Last updated 1/3/2018.