How To Start Mining for Bitcoins Right Now

Below are the 2 steps needed that will show you how to start mining for bitcoins right now. You could even get started today.

When mining for Bitcoins its all about the Video Card. You can’t use a standard video card like what you’d find in most desktop PC’s. To mine Bitcoins you’ll need some heavy duty GPU computing power. Laptops won’t work, and your run-of-the-mill computer by itself won’t work. To mine Bitcoins you’ll need to purchase an NVDIA GTX 1070 or better.

NVDIA GTX 1070 Video Card –

Install the Video Card into a computer that contains at least one available (PCIE x 16) slot, next register for an account at During the setup process a Bitcoin Wallet will be created for you. This is where you’ll store the Bitcoins you’ve collected. After the account has been created you’ll need to download the NiceHash Miner.

Once installed you’ll enter your unique Mining Address which can be found witinin the Dashboard at

Start the NiceHash Miner program to begin.

The screenshot below was taken today around 1:00pm. It shows the estimated payout using my GTX 1070 will be around $80.00. At the end of the month I can cash out or continue saving the Bitcoins I’ve collected.

If the price of Bitcoin keeps going up, there’s no limit to how high the price can go. John McAfee estimates that each Bitcoin should be worth $500,000.

Its been reported that he owns stock in $MGT, a Bitcoin mining company.

World’s largest mining operation – – This is just one of 100’s of these mining facilities. People with BIG MONEY are investing in this technology today.

Some day in the near future all Bitcoins will be found, when that happens the price will probably be insane. People believe that someday Bitcoins will be the global means for which all humans transfer currency to each other without banks, government or taxes being involved.

Checkout this video to learn more about Bitcoin mining.

6 Video Cards – Custom Rig – 6x GPU power.

View Bitcoin price in real-time. Currently around $7,800.

You can use to chart previous and current Bitcoin price. When looking at the AllTime chart you can see the price has really taken off recently. With the price being around $8,000 its now possible for most people to earn more than the cost of electricity to power a computer for 24 hours a day.

If you’re looking for a promising, inexpensive investment, you could spend around $400 on a powerful video and start mining Bitcoins right now. As long as Bitcoin prices stay where they are now, you could experience a return on investment within about 6 months. If the price of Bitcoin continues going up, this could be one of your best decision yet.

Let us know in the comment section how you mine for Bitcoins.

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