Start the Day Trade Chat Room in App Mode

For Google Chrome users its possible to open the Day Trade Chat Room in application mode. There a few benefits to using a website as an application as described later. The first thing you need to do is visit which is the full URL for the Day Trade Chat Room.

Next click on Settings > More Tools > Add to Desktop.

Start the Day Trade Chat Room in App Mode

Accept the defaults and click on Add.

The newly created shortcut will appear on your desktop.

The Day Trade Chat Room website will now act as one of your applications. Drag the shortcut to your task bar and it will open with just one-click.

As shown above the Day Trade Chat Room website will open with no address bar, navigation buttons, bookmarks or access to the settings menu. This will make the chat room easier to focus on and move around. With no top menu bars you’ll be able to see more at once.

Return to the chat room quicker, when using app mode the Trader Chat logo will appear directly on the task-bar and will function independent of Google Chrome. No more accidental shut downs or delays.

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