Use TweetDeck To Gauge Stock Market Sentiment

Each morning I try to find out if the stocks on my watch list are on others peoples radar. To do so I rely on Twitter to see how many people are talking about a particular stock. This morning $PSDV gapped up on news and traded one million shares before I discovered it.

I wanted to know if other people were excited about the move and news.

For this I used TweetDeck. It’s a free application that ties into your Twitter account and allows you to see your feed in real-time. After you have the program downloaded and installed, click on the Search button.

Type the symbol of the stock you’d like to monitor. Make sure you place a $ sign in front of the symbol as shown below.

Next click on Add Column.

You can now continue adding additional columns to monitor multiple stocks.

I knew that $PSDV was going to be active at the open because of the volume and because of how frequently the stock was mentioned from 8:30am to 9:30am on Twitter. Watching $PSDV this morning I noticed TweetDeck was having trouble keeping up with the number of tweets. That’s a good sign, active stocks tend to move more in price.

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