Rich People Profit as Poor People Suffer

I’ve always heard that stock traders make money from natural disasters, civil unrest and even war. I understood the concept, but never witnessed it first hand. Being born and raised in Kansas City, the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson really caught my attention.

He was shot and killed right around the time I started to research the stock market. It wasn’t long after the riots began that I started following a few Day Traders online. Most Day Traders like to boast about their winning days and stocks that are on the move or stocks that everyone has their eye on.

There was one particular stock that everyone kept mentioning. That stock was DGLY. Each morning I would check my Twitter feed and see countless people going on and on about DGLY. Being curious about this company, I looked them up on Yahoo Finance. It became immediately obvious to me why this stock was surging in price and catching everyone else’s attention.

DGLY – Digital Ally, Inc. produces digital video imaging and storage products for use in law enforcement, security, and commercial applications in the US and internationally.

This company produces “cop cams”. Small HD cameras that attach directly to a police officer and record thier every move. Over the span of a week, orders from all over nation began pouring in. When I first learned of this stock, it was trading at about $4.00 a share. Yesterday it was trading at over $33.00 a share.

I get it now. When something big happens, there is usually some company out there profiting from it. Not only that, people who trade that stock have the ability to make money as well. Let’s pretend for a minute that someone was lucky enough to purchase DGLY at $4.00 and then sell a week or so later at $33.00 a share. You do the math.

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