Is Trading Taboo?

I’m now trying to avoid stock market talk around non-traders. I already made the mistake of telling a few people. I told a Lawyer, an Accountant and a Salesman. The Lawyer freaked out and said. You can lose a lot of money doing that you know? The Accountant simply said Oh no!! The Sales guy didn’t say anything at all, he just shook his head.

So far it hasn’t gone over so well. Maybe it’s due in part to their lack of knowledge about the stock market. It could also be their fear of losing money. I think its a little bit of both. When you tell someone something they don’t understand, or something that doesn’t conform to their way of thinking, their response will probably be negative.

That’s why I’m keeping my mouth shut.

I learned a long time ago that haters are going to hate! In general, people don’t want to see you become more successful then them. Family members and friends are the worst. You would expect some encouragement from loved ones, but unfortunately they’ll be the ones who talk the most shit. You can count on it.

Your friends and family may not want to see you get successful and leave them. Others are just straight up haters and don’t want to see you succeed as they stay the same forever. In most cases, people will try to kill your hopes and dreams just to satisfy their own insecurities. Not everyone has what to takes mentally or financially to trade stocks. Because of that, you’ll hear everyone’s excuses as to why they aren’t doing it.

What may seem like ration advise from loved ones could actually be all of their reasons why they aren’t trying to better themselves. It will look and sound like good advise, but really it’s them trying to keep you at their level. Sadly, in most cases people will give in to the naysayers just to avoid conflict and arguments.

People are scared to death of the unknown and uncertainty. That’s why most people find a crappy job that comes with a steady paycheck and become complacent. That steady paycheck gives them a sense of security. The stock market can be extremely risky and does not comes with any type of security. Don’t think for a second that your loved one are going to jump for joy when you tell them you’re trading stocks.

They’re head is probably going to fucking explode.

My advise for everyone out there would be to keep your desire to trade a secret for as long as you possibly can. If you haven’t made your first trade yet, or if you’re like me and haven’t gained anything yet. Just keep your fucking mouth shut. No one needs to know that you lost $100 on your last trade. That will simply give them the fuel they need to bash your dreams and knock you back down to their level.

Wait until you’ve double or tripled your account before you start bragging to others about your new career. Trust me, it will save you a lot of heart ache and pain.

The last thing you want is to have everyone against you. As you try to move forward in life, you’ll always have those people who try and hold you back. Those people will be the ones you least expect. Remember, when someone tells you why you shouldn’t do something. They’re actually telling you why they’re not doing it.

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