Benzinga Pro Review – Is it worth the money?

In this Benzinga Pro Review, we’ll cover it’s features, benefits and a few reasons why you should consider trying it out. For those not yet familiar with Benzinga Pro, it’s a premium news website designed specifically for traders.

Benzinga provides its subscribers with minute by minute stock market news such as merger rumors, insider stock purchases, earning reports, company announcements, conference call highlights, market movers, upgrades, downgrades and more.

In addition to the Benzinga news desk, subscribers are also given access to a daily calendar that provides detailed earnings, guidance, analyst ratings, dividend announces, splits, IPO’s, FDA news and secondary offerings.

For me, the best part of Benzinga Pro is the live audio alerts.


Real-time alerts is a premium feature in which an analyst reads out-loud major news announcements before they are posted in the feed. This gives you a slight advantage by hearing news up to 30 seconds before others read about it. The alerts also give you the ability to take your eyes off the feed without missing anything important.

When I originally heard about Benzinga Pro, I tried to find an alternative stock market news service provider. I wanted to compare. With a name like Benzinga, it scared me a little. The only other news provider I could find was Bloomberg. As you may already know, it costs $24,000 per year to use the Bloomberg Terminal software. At $89.99 per month, Benzinga Pro is a tremendous value.

I use the Benzinga calendar in the morning to find stocks that have beat the market and others that are gaining in popularity. I also use the calendar to find out which stocks have been upgraded or downgraded. I normally get about 10 to 20 stock symbols from Benzinga each morning that I add to a special watch list.

My morning routine involves comparing the stocks found using Benzinga with those I find using other various methods. In the end, I’m left with a solid watch list of about 10 stocks that I follow like a hawk during the morning run-up.

Throughout the trading day, I use Benzinga to research stocks with heavy volume. In addition to Yahoo Finance, the Benzinga search engine provides another resource when looking for company news, buzz and information.

They’re offering a no-risk trial. This gives you plenty of time to see if Benzinga Pro is right for you, and your budget. Make sure to add the real-time audio to your trial. This way you can experience everything the platform has to offer.

What are your thoughts on Benzinga Pro? Please leave your comments below.

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  1. Thanks for your input. Just so you know, blogs like this are funded by affiliate commissions. Its in the best interests of a blog operator to write positive things about a product or service. Just because the information is overwhelming to you, might not mean that the next person will have the same difficulties. I think Benzinga offers an amazing service and I 100% recommend it to anyone just starting out and experienced pro’s. Thx again for sharing your opinion.

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